Reclaimed Beams

Can you imagine cutting and shaping 40 oak trees by hand and then building your barn out of it? We sure couldn’t, but it’s pretty exciting to be a part of preserving all the timber and hard work that went into building these barns more than a century ago.

We have an assortment of hand hewn and circle sawn hardwood and softwood timbers. If you have a project with specific reclaimed wood needs, let us know. If we don’t have it in our yard, we’ll find the barn that has what you need and hand deliver it to you.

We offer a variety of hand hewn and circle sawn softwood and hardwood beams.
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Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding

This reclaimed barn wood siding is the real deal. This wood has stood the test of time and has a rich color, texture, and history that can’t be matched. This product is perfect if you want to stand apart from the crowd in look and authenticity. See below for what's currently in the shop.

Click here for photos of our latest inventory.

Dimensional Reclaimed Barn Wood

For professional shops and DIYers alike, our reclaimed dimensional hardwood lumber is as unique as it is beautiful. Buy it as is with the characteristic circle saw marks or let us plane it to bring out the deep color tones underneath the surface. We can also re-saw this lumber if your looking for 3,4, or 6 quarter material.

Good for - Mantels, Counters, Stair Treads, Table Tops, Furniture, Accents, etc.
Re-sawn Beams - Cut To Order
Original Barn Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Truck Bed Flooring

Truck bed flooring is a great reclaimed material that is tough as nails, hard as a rock, and looks great. These hardwood treads have been reclaimed from old semi-trailers and make for great table tops, bar tops, and cutting boards. Commercial or residential, if you are looking for something rustic that will last a few lifetimes, this is it.

Locally Sourced & Milled Lumber

Our bandsaw mill cuts locally sourced lumber to order. Some folks like to use our blue stain beetle kill pine for furniture and shelves while others order rough cut lumber for fencing and dunnage. Whatever your use may be, buying lumber directly from our mill is a cost effective way to utilize your local resources.

Custom Cuts - Boards, Dimensional, and Beams
Great for - Furniture, Siding, Trim, Fencing, Dunnage, etc.